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C95 Creative and Apogea Virtual Building Solutions explain us their experience with the platform

Last year the demand for digitized objects has increased significantly ; and with it, albeit at a slower pace, the number of providers who have joined the bimetización of their products and the development of its portfolio of BIM objects.

Also last year, collaborative platform and data objects BIM,  BIM & CO  known and used by many of our customers, has consolidated its position in the Spanish market . And, the result of a policy based on «listening to users of the platform to meet their needs and offer the best solutions», as noted by Muriel Bourgeay, Country Manager of BIM & CO in Spain, the platform has developed new applications that facilitate I work all types of users .

We interviewed Muriel Bourgeay, along with Maria Pascual, BIM Manager at C95 Creative and Jesus Valderrama, founder of the consulting BIM Apogea Virtual Building Solutions partner to meet some of the most important tools of the platform and the actual experience of its users, Creative C95 and Apogea.

A free and friendly plugin

The first is one  plugin  that can be used for all 4 platforms architecture major BIM: Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp and Allplan, and allows companies to download families of objects, share them with other users previously created automatically translate properties seven languages,  data mining objects  , among other benefits. 

In addition, this plugin allows to map properties of objects with  BIM & CO , from a dictionary of shared parameters, which accelerate the standardization of objects platform, called the  OPMS  (open Properties Management System).

«This developed by BIM & CO plugin provides access to third parties, both my own company through the cloud, and suppliers,» explains Maria Pascual. And Jesus Valderrama adds, «to manage and have control over the models and data with partners with whom we are working.» 

This is certainly an intuitive and accessible way that allows direct feedback from companies previously tested and reliable parameters.

A homogeneous site work and updated

Cloud Management Service onfly , is a service for consulting, engineering and studies that allows them to «manage their families on one site , » pudiéndolas Sort by project, update and manage them in a private space, assigning roles and permissions to people each team search for properties etc … with an intelligent search through tags, saved filters, LOD

This management objects and maintains updated daily so they do not fall behind in the projects . Onfly helps companies to homogenize the workplace, in order to have all the information in one place, which, coupled with the possibility of translation, they facilitate communication with international companies, a very important aspect for organizations like C95 and Apogea, who have clients in different parts of the world.

The backbone of BIM & CO Collaboration

Feedback from other users of the platform, is another of its mainstays. The users can evaluate the object by its creator OMMENTS to improve some aspect information for construction professionals . Thus, users will also see what objects are better valued. In C95, it seems very interesting because your product will improve and evolve, enabling users to download higher quality items. Valderrama Jesus says, «what’s right is left, which is not improved.»

If you want to know more about  BIM & CO  ,  C95 Creative  and  Apogea Virtual Building Solutions , do not hesitate to visit their pages or contact them via their profiles or contact BIMCommunity  espana@bimandco.com.

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26 febrero, 2019